Due to the age of the structure, soil conditions, unknown construction practices, and various other factors, elimination of future foundation movement cannot be guaranteed. The main intent of our remedial repairs to the foundation is to help minimize future movement as much as practicable. Therefore, Denton Foundation Repair Company, Inc., hereby gives the following Warranty:
Renewal Warranty Program

Lifetime Warranty

  1. After a (1) year period has elapsed, any foundation adjustments will
    be corrected at labor cost and or material cost ONLY. This warranty
    program applies only to the affected areas that were repaired by the
    installation of the concrete piers or steel piers, which ever is

  2. OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY Proper maintenance is essential to insure
    the stability of your foundation. It is the owner's responsibility to
    properly care for the property as outlined in the maintenance
    procedures on page 5.

    • Damage or settlement caused by lack of proper maintenance.
    • Structural or cosmetic damage to other areas of the structure caused
      by subsequent foundation settlement, such as but not limited to,
      drywall, wall covering, paint, floor coverings, glass,
      plumbing, electrical, etc.
    • Damage or settlement in areas not repaired by Denton Foundation.
    • Damage resulting from upheaval. Upheaval means that a segment or
      segments of the foundation rise above the original as built grade.
    • Damage or settlement caused by the elements (tornado, Flood, etc.),
      fire, acts of God, or any cause beyond reasonable control.
    • Damage or settlement caused by the work of any party who alters our
    • Damage or movement caused by broken water pipes.

  4. This warranty may be transferred to a new owner subject to an
    inspection of the property by Denton Foundation Repair Company, Inc.
    If in the sole discretion of Denton Foundation the property has been
    properly maintained, a warranty will be issued to the new owner upon
    receipt of a $150.00 transfer fee.

  5. This contract is subject to Chapter 27, Property code. The provision
    of that chapter may affect your right to recover damages arising from
    the performance of this contract. If you have a complaint concerning a
    construction defect arising from the performance of this contract and
    that defect has not been corrected through normal warranty service,
    you must provide notice regarding the defect to the contractor by
    certified mail, return receipt requested, no later than the 60th day
    before the date you file suit to recover damages in a court of law. The
    notice must refer to Chapter 27, Property Code, and must describe the
    construction defect. If requested by the contractor, you must provide
    the contractor an opportunity to inspect and cure the defect as
    provided by Section 27.004, Property Code.